Beta Layout GmbH

PCBs can be calculated and ordered online in the express service with a lead time of as little as 8 hours.

The Beta Group now has over 40,000 customers and employs over 90 people.

Its customers include major companies such as Siemens AG, Bosch, Infineon, ABB, Hella, Porsche Engineering, Texas Instruments, EADS and Lufthansa Technik, as well as universities, colleges and research institutes, but also hobby electronics engineers and engineering offices.

Beta LAYOUT Gmbh offers the following range of services:

  • PCB prototypes and series
  • Assembly of printed circuit boards
  • Laser-cut SMD stencils
  • Front panels in 4 colours of aluminium, acrylic and FR4
  • 3D printing from polyamide and other materials such as stainless steel or rubber
  • Webshop eSTORE for everything related to soldering and assembly technology, tools, kits and modules
  • Layout service for printed circuit boards

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